Friday, September 23, 2016


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Big Name & Big Money... doesn't always equal Big Results!
We know that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a Recruiter/Staffing Agency... so make sure that you are choosing one that will get you the results you want and at a great price!

Testimonial for Humans Being Resources – 9/19/2016
We have been extremely happy with Stephanie and her services!  We were with a traditional “recruiter”  for almost a year and had very few resumes and no one was really vetted for what we wanted.  We hired someone who fell through because they ended up moving and were never that serious about taking a job in NH.  We almost second interviewed someone who had multiple arrests that we found on a google search!  They basically posted an ad and sent us the people who were interested and expected $10K plus for this “service”.  Stephanie sent us a couple of resumes in the short time she was looking for us but more importantly, she really vetted them so when they came to us they were a very good fit for the position.  We hired someone 5 weeks after we hired Humans Being Resources!  We’ve been trying to fill this position since October and had managers looking in addition to a traditional recruiter.  And the person we hired is a great fit!  Couldn’t be happier, especially since we paid less than half of what we would have paid to a traditional recruiter.  Would recommend Stephanie and her services any day!  She really made us a priority and went out a found us a person.  Very happy with our choice and our new hire!
Helena  G., CFP®, ADPA®, CDFA™

The most productive relationships are the ones where the Agency/Recruiter is considered a partner. A trusting relationship will make the process much smoother, more efficient and will bring results for years to come! Next time you are ready to make a hire be sure to contact us!
We want to partner with you just like we partnered with our satisfied client Helena!

Stephanie Roberts
Humans Being Resources