Friday, September 29, 2017

Join Our Team! HBR Seeking Outside Sales Representative!

Outside Sales Representative
KC Kansas - KC Metro Area

Humans Being Resources, Inc. is a National Recruiting Firm based in Gardner, KS seeking a professional & energetic Outside Sales Representative!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Financial Services Advisor - Tampa Bay, FL

Independent Financial Firm in the Tampa Bay, FL area is looking to add a Financial Services Advisor to their growing and successful Team! If you're a career-minded, motivated, success-focused Financial Services Advisor, then we want to talk to you!

Check out the opportunity on here:

Associate Financial Advisor - Wichita, KS

Associate Financial Advisor / Junior Financial Advisor

Our Financial Firm Client in Wichita, KS is seeking Associate Financial Advisor to add to the Team!

Are you the missing piece to the puzzle?

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Office Manager Opportunity in Bryan, OH

Financial Services Office in Bryan, OH seeking a strong Office Manager to oversee 1-2 employees for growing Financial Firm! This a great opportunity for a career-minded, driven, organized Office Manager who can lead an Administrative Team to success!
Take a look here:

Administrative Assistant - Financial Services Firm - Greater Binghamton , NY Area

Administrative Assistant
(Financial Firm)
Independent Financial Firm in the Greater Binghamton, NY area is seeking to add a Financial Advisor Assistant to their growing and successful Team! This is a Great Opportunity for a career-minded Professional with superb Administration & Client Relations skills!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Finacial Advisor Associate
(License Required - Series 7, 6 or 63)
Our Client's Financial Firm located in the Benicia, CA area is currently seeking a Financial Advisor Associate to be a part of their team!
* Tremendous Career Growth Opportunity*Competitive Salary w-Benefits & Bonus Opportunity*Great Work/Life Balance

Check it out here:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Employers... Are you paying attention? Here's what's happening!

HELLO Employers!
Have you been paying attention to the steadily aggressive changes in the Employment Market? Are you struggling to find good Employees to help you grow your Business? Have you tried placing Ads and finding your next "Rock Star" on your own, with little or no luck? Well... You're not alone!

Here are a few FACTS that you should know...
  • The National Unemployment Rate has been below 5% for quite some time and is the lowest it has been in over 18+ Years!
  • Business Growth has been tremendous, especially in the last 6mo! The Stock Market is closing at Record Highs on an almost daily basis!
  • The available Work Force is shrinking, especially when considering SkilledLicensed or Professional-Level workers!

These 3 Factors, as well as others, are all contributing to the struggle to find quality employees! And let's face it, this is probably not what you specialize in, nor is it primarily what you signed-up to do when choosing to start or manage a business!

Now, here's the best part (You'd better brace yourself)...

(But you CAN be!)

Let's discuss these 3 Major Factors and explore how you can use them to leverage the current Employment Market!

Unemployment Rate below 5%
Sadly, this is an interesting fact that is impacting business growth. You would think this would be a "Positive" factor because basic logic states that the more people are working, the better businesses are doing! But it's just not the case when it comes to Staffing your offices, stores, etc! Let's take a moment and flip this statistic on its head... a 5% Unemployment Rate means that 95% of Eligible Workers already have a job! These members of the workforce are in control and they know it! They aren't searching Job Boards because they simply don't need to! You need to know how to get their attention and want to hear the "Sales Pitch" on why they should be working for you! Don't know how to make that happen? Hire someone who does!

Business Growth at Record Highs!
You see it! You hear about it on the news channels, from colleagues, from employees, and from friends. Business growth has been pretty darned good for large and small businesses over the last 6mo especially and it's only continuing from here! More transactions are taking place and more money is exchanging hands! But, are you ahead of the curve? Did you already hire the staff and train them in time to handle these increases? Are you drowning because you or your existing employees just can't handle the additional business? Having the correct number of employees, with the right skills and motivation is key! Don't let the additional Revenues slip through your fingers while you attempt to do something you aren't very familiar with! As a Business Owner and/or Manager, you have to capture this additional business while it's there!

Today's available Workforce is shrinking!
Ths Unemployment Rate is a great indicator of where the workforce is headed. However, it's not the whole picture. Today we are facing issues with not only having fewer workers available as a whole but more importantly, the quality of those workers is diminishing. They have either not had Skills Training and/or Higher Education available to them or they simply have made the choice not to participate. They feel as though they don't have to put that effort in prior to an employer finding them and offering them a position! They expect that you will provide this to them as part of that "Sales Pitch" and get them trained on your dime. Let's face it, a good majority of employees today would love to show up to work in their pajamas and play on their smart phones for most of the day. It's a horrible situation that employers today have to deal with, but it's real! So, how do you find the proverbial "needle in a haystack?" Good question! You've basically got to become a Special Operations Expert in the field or... hire someone who is!

Employees Control The Market!

These workers are sitting back, just waiting for potential employers to contact them! This is why your $200, $300, $400, 30-Day "Renewable" Job Postings are going to waste! This is why your Pay-Per-Click or Social Media Ad is costing you a TON of money, with little or no results! So ask yourself, do you like throwing away your Money or more importantly, your Time?

Now, let's solve the issue... 
Hiring a professional Recruiting Firm is something you have probably debated, but instantly thought "They are all too expensive!" Understandably, this leads you to attempt the process of finding an employee on your own. Well, it's true! You're right! They are Expensive! They know today's challenges of the Employment Market and are charging a Premium for their services. Their Fees, typically based on a % of First Year's Salary, are increasing. And guess what... it's probably going to get worse! However, hiring a Recruiting Firm can be the smartest option when you really think about all you have to invest to find a great employee! You have Job Posting costs, Social Media Ad costs, Resume Search time (taking you away from business needs), Phone Interview time, Face-To-Face Interview time, Skills Assessment costs, Personality Assesment costs, Background Check costs, etc!

Do you have the needed resources, money, or time to perform all of these tasks when vetting a potential employee? We do! In addition to our ability to find new candidates, we already have thousands of pre-screened candidates, many of which are in your geographical area!

Our process is thorough, efficient and cost effective! We don't charge a Percentage-Based Fee! We charge a Flat Fee and offer 3 Hiring Packages that you choose from. Hiring Packages that cost, in many cases, less than 50% of what the average Recruiter charges! And best of all... We back our work with a 100% Guarantee!

To learn more about HBR, who we are and what we can do for you, click HERE. When you're ready, submit an Inquiry and we will contact you within 24 hours!

In the meantime... Happy Hunting!
(844) 691-4473
(844) MY1-HIRE

Great Opportunity in Hamden, CT for Administrative Assistant!

Our Financial Firm Client in Hamden, CT has a great opportunity available for an Administrative Assistant to join their successful, fun, growing Team! If you are an Administrative Assistant who has great people skills, lightning data-entry chops, and a strong desire to grow your career... this could be a great fit for you!
Check-out the opportunity here:
Send your Resume/Cover Letter to:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

At HBR, we understand that our Network of Business Professionals who proudly spread the word about our Services are our strongest asset! So, why not earn some extra Cash for spreading the word?
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